This Internet site (concerning mainly the department of Eure-et-Loir in France) intends to honour the memory of the allied aviators who crashed in France during the second world war, even given their life, to push back the occupant Nazi and to give again his freedom to France.

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Chartres, August 1, 1944

August 1, 1944, Berlin would have being the target of an important American bombardment (more than 1000 bombers envisaged). The bad weather changed in A wanted differently and the town of Chartres became one of the top priority.

Three waves of B-17 massively bombarded Chartres with 14H30, 16H10 and 17H45, causing many human losses (25 killed, 20 wounded) and immense property damages.

At the time of the first wave, the FLAK located at the West of Chartres was shown very active and touched full whip the apparatus of Lt MELOFCHIK. In its fall, the bomber ran up against of it a second, that of Lt SPROUL.

The second wave was quite as violent and third B-17 is mortally touched, that of Lt STEVENS.

August 1, 1944, 15 days before its release, was one day of nightmare for the town of Chartres and the Air Force American lost 24 American aviators in the Chartres-native sky.

Crew of Lt SPROUL

Two survivors, Sergeants BOZARTH and MAPES, describe the circumstances of the crash landing of their bomber and their escape bid

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- Visit of Robert SWEATT on January 12, 2004 in Bouville (Eure-et-Loir) with the inauguration of a stele in the honor of his 10 comrades of 389th BG died at the time of the crash landing of their B-24 on January 07, 1944 in Bouville.

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- on June 18, 2004 at Dampierre-sur-Avre, inauguration of a stele in honor of Lieutenant George WHITE.

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- June 27, 2004, inauguration of one monument to the memory of Warren LOBDELL, killed at the time of the crash landing of his P-47 with Mahéru (Orne) on June 27, 1944.

- Reception of the Bartholomé family October 15,16, and 17 2004 in the Chartres-native area to commemorate the crash landing and the escape from Neil Bartholomé on May 26, 1944.

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